Hiqup: peg jump on steroids

IMG_0001.PNG Finally somebody reconsidered Peg Jump. The app Hiqup [link redirects to iTunes] is a sequential removal puzzle in which pieces are basically removed by jumping over them. So far nothing new. However, developer Moopf introduced various new twists into this classic puzzle principle, which make it an interesting puzzle-app, well worth the (low) price.

New ideas include:

  • pieces can either jump orthogonally, diagonally, or both (pieces are distinguished by color)
  • some fields can always be jumped over
  • some fields lead to a piece landing on it to vanish
  • each level has a different goal: sometimes just one piece has to remain, sometimes all have to be removed, sometimes there are specific landing sites that have to be filled
  • also when you not completely reach the goal, you still pass the level

Great extensions if you like peg jump-like puzzles. By the way: Hiqup includes the classic peg jump variants as well, so no need to look further at any of the many implementation of that classic!


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