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Set: another copyright problem

23 December 2008

3_Tuple.jpgThe game Set (designed by Marsha Falko in 1991) is a very enjoyable and innovative card game, in which the object is to find matching sets of three cards as quickly as possible. The deck of cards consists of 81 cards that are all unique combinations of four characteristics with three different options (3 to the power 4 = 81). For example, in the picture shown to the right, the characteristics are color, shape, shadings, and number of objects. The company Mustang Mobile (run by the Falko family) has the exclusive license for development of mobile versions of this game, but this company has (not yet) released a version for the iPhone. However, their exclusive license does not withhold others to do this (a recurrent problem). The following apps are straightforward implementations of Set for the iPhone (links redirect to iTunes):