Puzzle Classification

To make it easier to find puzzles in this blog I am using an ad-hoc classification of puzzles. There are many different classification of puzzles, a good comparison can be found here. Although these classification describe very many different kinds of puzzles, there are specific preferences in electronic puzzles that make new categories necessary. For example, the category Sequential Removal is very widespread in computer puzzles, but not in real physical puzzles.

Except for the general and rather abstract categorization of the ‘kind’ of puzzles, I also classify them by the kind of movement or actions that are necessary to solve the puzzle. This is more directly related to the feeling and look of a puzzle.

Finally, for a few famous puzzles I have made separate categories. These puzzles are often available in numerous versions in the app store, so it is worthwhile to check out which implementation suits your wishes best.


One Response to “Puzzle Classification”

  1. Matt Diamond Says:

    I found this blog last year, right around the time it began to slow down. But I’ve enjoyed your attempts to review and classify all these puzzle games, as well as call out the more shameless clones.

    I’ve just released my own puzzle game to the App Store. It’s called “Pawns!”

    I suspect you would classify it under multi-state maze puzzles. The goal is to get black or white pawns to their goal, dodging other chess pieces and collecting keys along the way. Sometimes it is necessary to force enemy chess pieces to capture each other as well.

    I’d be pleased to give you a promo code just for the enjoyment your site has given me. Should you feel the urge to comment either privately or in your blog, that would be great as well. Email me or use the contact page on my website if you would like a code.


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